Uxbridge Legion Pipes & Drums

We are delighted to welcome back the Uxbridge Legion Pipes and Drums band. Currently in their 55th year, the band is going strong, playing at a variety of venues and parades throughout the year. For more information, please visit their website UxbridgePipeBand.com.

Cobourg Legion Pipe Band

We extend a warm welcome back to the Cobourg Legion Pipe Band. You may have seen them this year at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Toronto. Last year they put on a fantastic show and we look forward to this year’s Festival. You can find more information about this band on Facebook.

Highland Creek Pipe Band

Highland Creek Pipe Band is among the most renowned Pipe Bands in Ontario, and Canada since their formation in 1954. They specialize in concert performances, public functions and large-scale musical performances. You can find more information about this band on Facebook.

Beinn Gorm Highlanders Pipes and Drums

The name of the band, Beinn Gorm, reflects the area surrounding Collingwood and welcomes members and interests from a large area. Beinn Gorm means “Blue Mountain” in Gaelic, Beinn meaning mountain and Gorm – blue. Locals will recognize the name as that of the largest ski resort and hill in the area (indeed, in all of Ontario), Blue Mountain Ski Resort, as well as an adjacent township, the Town of The Blue Mountains. As early as 1832 the as yet unformed local townships of Sunnidale, Nottawasaga, Osprey and Collingwood were known as “The Blue Mountain Country”. You can visit their website BeinnGormHighlanders.com for more information.